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Door Guard,Swing Bar Door Guard

Plate Crome KFHD0106
US 10B KFHD0107
Polished brass US 3 KFHD0108
Antique brass  US 5 KFHD0109
Satin nickel  US 15 KFHD0110
White KFHD0111
Parts 7 Screws
2 Plastic shim

Material: Zinc alloy
Secures doors while allowing for viewing and ventilation 
With 2 plastic shim and 7 installation Screws
Plastic shim's color follow the product's Plated
Plated or painted heavy zinc diecasting
Secures doors while allowing 5"of viewing or ventilation 
Easy to install
For exterior doors to allow security while allowing door to open slightly 

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